Organic Skin Care Drinks For a Healthy Skin

It’s great to have the latest and trendiest beauty skin care products for a glowing skin, but it can be costly. If you want that smooth and healthy skin, you must get to the root of it and that is, treating the body as a temple. What we put into our body and how we live plays a big part in our natural beauty, not just skin care.

And drinking detox water is an effective way to cleanse your body for a beautiful skin. But drinking water alone is plain vanilla, so why not add some tasty organic fruits and organic veggies into your glass of water!

It is the ideal and healthy way to flush out toxins, keep the skin hydrated and deliver the daily nutrients to feed the body necessary for a glowing skin you’re after. This is an easy yet simple skin care idea not to ignore.

Below are 3 simple organic skin care detox water ::

1. Cucumber, Lemon And Mint Detox Water

All you need is filtered water (12 cups), one organic cucumber, organic lemons ( two or three small ones), organic mint leaves (10 to 12 twelve).

To drink your way to a healthy skin, make sure the ingredients are washed, thinly sliced and added to a pitcher. Simply add filtered water, and cool it in a fridge for at least 3 hours or overnight.

2. Lemon, Strawberries, Apple, Mint, Cinnamon Detox Water

Ingredients : Water (1 – 2 liters), Organic Lemon (One), Organic Strawberries (Five sliced ones), Apple (One sliced fruit), Organic Mint Leaves (a handful), Cinammon (One teaspoon), Ice (a handful)

To drink it, simply add the above ingredients to a jug or pitcher and then add your mint and cinammon as garnish!

3. Strawberry, Kiwi, Detox Water

Three simple ingredients only – Kiwi fruits (2 Organic Ones), Strawberries (6 Organic Ones and Sliced), Cold filtered water (half gallon)

To drink it, mix the 3 ingredients and leave the jug in the fridge to chill for one – two hours before you drink the flavored detox water.

An inside out method is necessary for natural beauty as it cleanses the body of toxins and if you drink your way with water filled with yummy organic fruits and organic veggies, you are well on your way to that perfect skin. However, don’t stop using skin care products on your skin. Consider natural skin care products that consists of natural ingredients to complement your daily drinking of detox water.

As well, a daily and nightly skin care routine is an ideal combination to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

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